Products I Like

After many years of attempting to reduce my toxin load, I have come across a lot of products I like. Here is where I will try and document as many of my favorites as possible.

I give this book to friends and family when they are pregnant, such a great book, It helped me so much in healing after pregnancy and preparing. It was such an easy and awesome read that I finished it in a day.

Book about Genetic Variants and how to clean them up.

Portable Nebulizer That can be charged and doesn’t have to stay plugged into the wall.

My Favorite Book about ozone and how to use it.

The most affordable Red/Infrared light that I have found is also the best for traveling (Has a USB charger so can be used in vehicles, soft and flexible so you can leave it on your back while you drive. Use this link to purchase the tri-light for about $150.

I love my Hypervolt hand help percussion massage gun, and use it all the time. Also purchased the carrying case too. Such an awesome product to have in your health arsenal, especially for pain.

Love my Therasage O3 Bubbler for many things, like cleaning my produce, ozone baths, cleaning toothbrushes, gargling for tonsil infections, and swish in the mouth for dental health. I also pour ozonated water into my Waterpik to help with my dental health. Love it! Cleaning and possibilities are endless. Use the link below to purchase.

Hi all, I’m Julie, a Mama bear who loves Jesus. I joined an awesome company, to bring you all some amazing info and another resource to help you on your health journey. Organo is a company that sources my favorite and only coffee my body can tolerate. They use the amazing power of Reishi Mushrooms, specifically Ganoderma Lucidum Spores. There are only two ingredients in my favorite beverage the KING coffee (Organic Instant Coffee, Organic Reishi Spore Powder-Ganoderma Lucidum). I have always loved coffee, but any time I drank it, I would suffer from severe anxiety and a racing heart. It’s the smell, the taste, everything! When I found KING coffee I was beyond excited. Not only did I not get any of the symptoms I had experienced before, but I was feeling amazing, overall. The anti-anxiety effects of the Reishi offset the effects of the coffee. Also, I have PCOS and have always tested high for testosterone, which Reishi helps to modulate. I have many things I have struggled with thanks to my autoimmune disease. Acne is one of the big ones. After three days of drinking KING coffee, my skin started to change. My acne was clearing out, my pores shrunk, and my skin feels so incredibly soft. This is after just three days. 
I’m a Massage Therapist who loves what I do, but I put my business on hold to raise a family. Having PCOS, I was told it wouldn’t likely be in the cards for me. My whole life I dreamed of being a Mom so this was a major bomb. After years of struggling and a major journey, I finally got pregnant and now have two beautiful kids. I spend my days at home with my babies, being a stay-at-home Mom now, and enjoying and soaking up every second I can of this time, because time is short. It’s always beautiful chaos at my house and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 
I’m currently an IHP (Integrative Health Practioner) student. I have many dreams of helping people with their health journey virtually. I have a passion for helping mamas and young kids, especially those with special needs find the resources they need. I love learning and growing so I know that this is just the beginning of my training, to help people.

Below is a link to get your own king coffee. Contact me if you are interested in learning more, or you need help ordering, I am happy to help.

Get Free Shipping On Your First Order With Organifi with Code: LL-IN9TNV8O (Link for website below)

My Favorite Shoe Brand, different from a lot of conventional shoes because it features a zero-drop heel, a wide toe box, and flexible soles. These are the three features that I look for when I shop for shoes because barefoot shoes help you strengthen your feet and keeps them at the optimal alignment. I especially love them for my kids because it helps them to preserve and strengthen the muscles that they already have, which is usually lost as kids get more constrictive less flexible shoes, preventing bunions, etc. (Use the Link Below for 25% off)