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Purchase products through our Fullscript virtual dispensary.
  • My Wellevate store has some of my favorite microbiome healing products. Such as Ion* Biome and Metagenics. Click on the link to easily create an account and purchase the products you would like at discounted prices.
  • Fullscript is my biggest store with most of the products I use every day. Some of these brands include Seeking Health, Quick Silver Scientific, Microbiome Labs, etc. The list goes on. Contact me if you would like me to create an account for you. My products are discounted for your convience.
  • To have access to my Cellcore store, just contact me for login info. Cellcore has my favorite detox and parasite cleansing products, etc. I highly suggest either working with me while using these products, or another practitioner versed in them. Detoxing is not to be taken lightly. My patient direct code will need to be entered on the website:


For access to my Organo Gold store to purchase King Coffee or Reishi Capsules follow my link below:

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